Airfix A10170 Space Shuttle 1/144

Airfix Model Kit


With the project reaching 30 years of age, the final Space Shuttle mission took to the skies in July 2011. Over three decades, 135 missions took place,
using five different space-worthy Orbiters; Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavour. Developed as a hybrid vechile the Space
Transportation System consisted of the aircraft-like Orbiter that carried crew and cargo, and the Bosster section, which consisted of the giant
External Tank, the ET, and two Solid-fuel Rocket Boosters, the SRBs.
At launch the Orbiters three engines fire; powered by the fuel from the External Tank, plus the two SRBs, developing thrust of over seven million
pounds (three million kg). The SRBs are jettisoned at an altitude of 28 miles (45km), and the ET at 70 miles (112.5km). Having completed its mission,
the Orbiter returns, unpowered, and lands on a runway, like a conventional aircraft.

Scale: 1/144
Skill Level: 3
Length: 362mm
Parts: 94
Paint and Glue Required