Airfix A08011 Stratos4 TSR.2MS 1/72

Airfix Model Kit


In 2xxx, the  Earth has been exposed to the menaces of approaching comets. To prevent the disaster by the comet
impact, the Cosmic Emergency Management Agency is established by the United Nations. They go ahead with a SS (Space Shield)¬†project that consists of a two tier global defense system. The primary one is the ‘Comet Blaster’
group that intercepts comets in outer space, and the secondary is the ‘Meteor Sweeper’ group that intercepts
meteorites originating from destroyed comets in the stratosphere. ‘TSR.2MS’ is an interceptor aircraft from a
ground-based ‘Meteor Sweeper’ group. She is lifted off by ZELL (Zero-Length Launch) like a surface-to-air missile, flying to mid-altitude using two jet engines and RATO (Rocket-Assisted Take Off) rockets equipped under the wing. After the RATO rockets finish combustion they are dropped from the wing. The main-rocket in the bottom of the vertical tail is then ignited, and when she has gained altitude to the stratosphere, she locks onto the meteorite, and launches the big missile that is mounted under the fuselage. She is controlles by a pilot and a radar operator, both stimulated within hte cockpit in a riding position. When the interceptor returns to the base, in very thin air, she rolls her fuselage by RCS (Reaction Control System).

Scale: 1/72
Skill Level: 2
Lenrth: 377mm
Width: 157mm
Parts: 120