Airfix A04055 Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR.3 1/72

Airfix Model Kit




Developed in the 1960’s as the first truly successful V/STOL combat
aircraft, the Hawker Siddeley Harrier proved a revelation upon entering
service in its earliest form, the GR.1. However, some improvements could
be made as this came in the GR.3, which featured better sensors in the nose
and tail, as well as a more powerful version of the Rolls Royce Pegasus engine.
The GR.3 was the first of the Harrier varients to see combat, joining operation
Corporate, the re-taking of the Falkland Islands, engaging Argentinian forces
in ground attack missions. Replaced by the GR.5 Harrier II, the GR.3 proved itself
to be a capable and successful combat aircraft.

Scale: 1/72
Skill Level: 2
Length: 198mm
Width: 107mm
Parts: 110